Our Best Practices for Hard Drive Destruction

Secure -- Confidential -- Competitively-Priced

As a NAID AAA Certified destruction company, Orange County Hard Drive Destruction adheres to strict guidelines for confidentiality and security in all aspects of hard drive and data destruction.

Our best practices include:

Hiring Only Experienced and Highly Trained Staff: Our uniformed and bonded employees are professionally screened using a 3-level background check process.

Secure Chain of Custody Protocols:

  • Clients can view the entire process of data destruction from start to finish.
  • We use locked and tamper-proof containers when transporting documents and hard drives.
  • Our mobile shredding trucks are securely locked before and during transit, and contain GPS-tracking technology.
  • We use closed circuit TV video surveillance at our shredding facility in the City of Orange.

Quick and Efficient Hard Drive Destruction

  • Watch your hard drives being destroyed in just 3 seconds!
  • We use either a NAID-approved drill press that punches an irreparable hole in your hard drive; or
  • Hard drive shredding technology that turns your hard drive into thousands of tiny cross-cut pieces.
  • 100% physical destruction is the only way to ensure that any sensitive information contained on your hard drive is not recoverable.

Certificate of Destruction: Every hard drive receives an Official Certificate of Destruction with a record of its unique barcode/serial number. This serves as proof that your hard drive has been destroyed and you are in compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

Green Recycling

  • All remaining metals from destroyed hard drives are recycled through a precious metal reclamation specialist.
  • All of our paper shredding and document destruction waste is 100% recycled.
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